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Scare Me, Kill Me, Want Me
White as a Devil, White as an Angel

We need a meeting.

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The ball was grand for one thing.

The Viola don is probably the cleanest out of them all, at least. Not saying Giallo or Nero's are bad.

Just Rosso.

Speaking of Rosso.

Private to Axel;NOT.HACKABLECollapse )

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I plan to go to the Masquerade ball. I would advise the rest of my family to do the same if you're so inclined.

[Private to Bianco]

But remember. Business is still business. If you can, find a hole in their family and take advantage. That's how it works.

And I'd like you to be around Edmond. I don't TRUST Viola, one moment.
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Why hello, my dear families. The other dons.

Please do not forget that our meeting is coming up and if you're not there, it will not look good against you.

[Private to the Dons; unhackable]

The Meeting Place will be on 7263 Roulin Avenue at the Siren Hotel, usual time. You can bring a bodyguard up to the hotel but weapons will not enter the meeting room, nor the guards. We will be discussing whatever problems that need to be handled so please think of these before you arrive.
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